Caribbean life is all about relaxing, sunbathing, and positive vibes... until you realize that Hurricane Season extends for 6 months of the year (June–November)! And this is not even taking into consideration we are on the Caribbean Plate that can shake at anytime, fires... whoa! Great to have Guardian on your side? Protect your most precious assets against these forces of nature.

Here is a quick summary of the main protection you should consider:

Structure – Main dwelling.

Additional Structures – Structures not attached to the main dwelling. Unscheduled Personal Property – A general limit for common items in your household not permanently attached to the structure. Here's a tip: flip your house over and anything that falls is considered personal property.

Loss of Use – Indemnifies for limited costs of living expenses when your primary residence is not suited to live after a covered peril. Personal Liability – Covers damages to third parties caused by you or members of family, whether in your home or elsewhere.